Blind resident accomplishes goal of buying a home

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DENISON, TX -- One Texoman is inspiring others through his purchase of a home, and his journey to get there.

"If you just continue the journey, and never give up, you will achieve the goal eventually." said Schley.

For Mark Schley, owning a home means everything.

"I've moved many times in my life, and now just to have; just to know I have a permanent place to live." said Schley.

For the past 5 years Schley has been apart of the family self-sufficiency program at TCOG. He went through classes and completed numerous requirements to fulfill his dream of owning a home.

"Different loan processes, and almost getting into one particular home and it just not working out." said Schley.

"At one point he wanted to give up, because the building stage and process of his home kind of went downhill." said Smith.

Delano Smith is one of the people who helped Schley throughout the journey, a process that TCOG director Susan Thomas says is difficult, but do-able.

"It takes time, and it takes the hand-holding, and it takes the guidance and it takes the direction, but it does work." said Thomas.

Another road block that might have been placed in Mark's way could be that he is blind. He was diagnosed with a genetic eye disease as a teenager. A handicap he thought would hold him back from many things in life, but he was determined on owning a home.

"I never expected a brand new home, and that was the blessing, the end blessing." said Schley.

The brand new home that is inspiring those who helped him along the way.

"He's the client that we can shine a spotlight on and say that is how you do it." said Thomas.

"Anything is possible as long as there's a will there is most definitely a way, he's provided that inspiration for all our clients, it's been tremendous to watch." said Smith.

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