Blood donations save the life of a local mom

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(PUSHMATAHA COUNTY, OK)-- Hope. It's a simple word,but it's one that means the world to Sherry Duncan.
The mother of three says she never lost hope even while fighting for her life. She says all she ever wanted in life was to be a mom.

Sherry Duncan felt a bump on her abdomen in 2006 she went to the doctor. She was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.
She went through chemo and went into remission. But in 2008,the cancer came back and she needed blood donations to save her life.

Four years later, when she hoped her battle was over.. the cancer came back...and stronger.

The Rattan community rushed to the beloved teachers aid, holding a blood drive where they collected 192 blood donations.She entered her information in the Oklahoma Blood Institute database...and shortly after that...her hope for a stem cell match became a reality.

All Sherry knows about her donor is that he is 22-years-old.
OBI insists on no contact between donors and patients for a year after the transplant. Sherry and her family hope to meet him next year so they can thank him.

Sherry found out last week that she's in remission.... she's hopeful for the future.. and thankful for the lessons she's learned. She says "its made me a better person, a stronger's changed my kids..they have more empathy for other people now."

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