Blood recipient said transfusions helped her beat cancer

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"I had a knot on my leg and I thought it was just from softball or a bruise," said Rumer Austin, a normal 14-year-old girl who's looking forward to her freshman year at Ringling High School this fall.

She said she's standing here right now because blood transfusions saved her life from cancer.

"I don't think I was strong enough to get any more treatments and it would have just grown," said Rumer. "I don't think I would be here."

Her journey began in March 2010 when she was diagnosed with ewings sarcoma--a kind of bone cancer. During her treatments and surgery, Rumer received blood transfusions 7 times for a total of 14 pints. That blood was vital to her recovery.

"I could get infection real easily or I would just feel real weak and terrible," Rumer said.

After watching her daughter battle cancer, Rumer's mom Sissy Butler knows the difference donated blood made.

"It was a key moment where she had to have it and we're just thankful for the people that did give it," said Butler. "It just saved her life."

A recent surgery has put Rumer back on crutches for a few weeks. But she was declared cancer free in June 2011. On her two year anniversary of beating cancer she's asking one thing.

"If you can give blood, I would encourage you to go out and donate," Rumer said. "Because you don't know how important it is to people who really need it."

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