Blue-Green Algae found on Lake of the Arbuckles

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SULPHUR, OK - Another Texoma lake has tested positive for Blue-Green Algae. This time in Murray County.

The Chickasaw National Recreation Area has confirmed a small amount of Blue-Green Algae was found inside a remote cove on the Lake of Arbuckles.

Park rangers said the Department of Environmental Quality is continuing to monitor the situation, but said there are no signs that the algae has spread to other areas of the lake.

Park rangers said they don't expect to close any portions of the lake.

"We just want people to be aware that it may be present in the park and if you see anything that looks blue or green just to avoid contact with it," Park Ranger Dan Winings said.

Park rangers said since Blue-Green Algae can produce toxins, they recommend showering after swimming in the Lake of Arbuckles.

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