Body found in Denison neighborhood

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DENISON, TX-Residents of one Denison neighborhood were shocked to learn a body was found Friday morning just yards from their homes. And investigators say, the death is suspicious.

Tony Mead woke up Friday morning to the sound of sirens and saw patrol cars driving down the 900 block of Heron.

"It's kinda eerie you know, right close to your own home where you're living at and then you get to see all the police together and they found a dead body! What's going on?" He asked.

A couple driving down Heron reported seeing a man at a wooded area near the road. Thinking that he was cold, they brought him something to keep him warm, only to find that he's dead.

Denison police Lt. Jeff Camp said the body was that of a 48-year-old white man, who matches the description of a man, missing since Wednesday.

"Checked the area, it was a little bit suspicious, some of his items were thrown about a little bit. We worked it as a crime scene and we found out he had medical issues and the other stuff we'll check with the autopsy," he said.

Camp said this is unusual for this part of town.

"That's really not an area of major concern, it's been there forever. Everybody in town knows about that area. You know about the woods and the hills on Chandler street, we don't see a lot of problems there," he said.

That's why Mead said he's concerned.

"The wooded area you're talking about, when I was a small child we used to play there all the time. Should kids play in the woods anymore now? I don't think so," he said.

"Current status is he's sent to Collin County Medical Examiner's Office and they will do an autopsy, get back with us on the exact cause of death and time of death. That way we can finish that part of our investigation," said Camp.