Bonham City Hall & BEDCO Disagreements Continue

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(Bonham, Texas) -- The Bonham Economic Development Corporation has an important purpose, to create jobs in Bonham.

John Burnett is a city council member and a Bedco board member and he's worried about Bedco's priorities. In a letter to the Fannin County Leader. Burnett said job creation and recruiting is a 24-7 job and the number one priority.

The director of Bedco, Stephen Filipowitz also serves as the director of tourism for the city of Bonham, some council members worry that's affecting the office's priorities.

City Manager Bill Shipp says " it is a matter of prioritization..the fact is right now it is a policy decision..not my decision to include both of those duties in the job."

Council members have voiced concerns that Bedco members are spending too much time focusing on festivals and activities in the city, rather than job creation in a weak economy. Bonham business owners agree that times are tough and they'd like the city to step in.

But resident Jeff Minshew says the true currency of Bonham isn't the dollar, " I like bonham bc it's a small easy place to live..the currency here isn't the dollar it's the space the land the friendly people.

BEDCO director Stephen Filipowitz says his priority is job creation and he's doing all he can for the city. He says his top twp projects, Chrysler and the Holiday Inn Express will bring around 50 jobs to the city.