Bonham ISD supports firefighters at homecoming game

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BONHAM, TEXAS -- Bonham ISD is recognizing their unsung heroes.

"It's not very often we have somebody come to us and express their gratitude," Bonham Fire Department Captain Billy Hughes.

This week, when I.W. Evans Intermediate School had an emergency gas leak, firefighters were on the scene in a flash.

"One of the utility poles had been pulled up out of the ground and was laying on the street. I could hear a loud hissing sound, wasn't sure what it was, but it did have a strong odor of gas in the area," Hughes said.

Firefighters evacuated the school and lead students to safety, but they didn't leave then.

"Unfortunately, it was during lunchtime. The school board was worrying about feeding them. We did offer our services to help carry the food to the kids and to make sure they had food," Hughes said.

School officials say the firefighters made a hectic, scary situation run smoothly.

"We were very proud of our fire department who quickly responded. They were very helpful with parents, patient with parents, they made a thorough sweep of the building," Kelly Trompler, with Bonham ISD Human Resources, said.

Because of their actions, Bonham ISD is asking community members to support the fire department at tonight's homecoming game.

"Instead of collecting a gate fee, ask our patrons that come to the game to make a donation to the Bonham fire department," Trompler said.

Captain Hughes says Bonham firemen are flattered.

"I think, you know, of course they're not going to cry about it, but they'll be happy. They'll be glad to see people recognize them and shake their hand," Hughes said.

Hughes says they plan to use the donations to fund their fire safety programs.

The team takes on Pottsboro tonight at 7:30 p.m.

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