Bonham celebrates its 100-year-old post office

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BONHAM, TX -- The Bonham community celebrated a milestone Friday. The U.S. Post Office downtown turned 100-years-old this month.

Bonham's U.S. Post Office has been sharing stories for a century.Since March of 1914, residents have been picking up and sending their mail from the very building that sits on Center St.

Even though the post office has grown in age and some changes have been made along the way, resident Sondra Shiver says one thing has always stayed the same.

"The friendly people. If you forgot your stamp or didn't tape it good enough 'just one minute and we'll fix that right up,'" Shiver said.

To celebrate its 100 years of service dozens gathered at the post office Friday afternoon, including Bonham Mayor Roy Floyd, Congressman Ralph Hall along with Post Master Ramona Rogers and her young grandson.

"I think that's very historical that I'm in such an old building that's been here so long," Kaziah Abney, Roger's grandson, said.

Rogers says she had big plans for the post office from the start.

"I knew it was an old building. I didn't know how (old), but it was so un-kept. The weeds were surrounding. You could just tell no one really loved it, and I fell in love with it," Rogers said.

For the past seven months Rogers and community members have been working to preserve the building by cleaning it up and making necessary repairs. Chairman of the Fannin County Historical Commission Tom Thornton is impressed with those working hard to preserve history.

"It's our life. It's where we came from and if you're going to go somewhere else you need to know where you came from," Thornton said.

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