Bonham city officials continue negotiations on building collapse demolition

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BONHAM, TX- Bonham city officials decided to continue their negotiations on the fate of two collapsed buildings downtown.

At Monday's special meeting, city council voted unanimously to hold off on making a decision whether or not the city will demolish four units on 5th street, which collapsed three weeks ago. City manager, Bill Shipp said the city is working to get permission from the building owners and insurance to take the buildings down safely. He said, since the collapse, downtown businesses have been affected including the Dollar General and a barber shop that had to stay closed for safety reasons.

"We'll continue to work with them, however we're not gonna go beyond that. If that doesn't happen, we will make arrangements to do the demolition ourselves and I would hope by the middle of next week we'll be tearing the buildings down. It doesn't mean the rubble will be cleared the way, but at least we'll have a safe configuration for the dollar general to open back up," he said.