Bonham small business owners react to shutdown

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(BONHAM, TEXAS) -- As the government shutdown continues, Bonham small business owners are speaking out about the negative effects it's having on their bottom line.

The Bonham square is home to many businesses, both old and new, including Hidden Treasures antique store.

Terri Parrack says, " we're really glad that we're here in Texas and we've been able to open a store..and we've met wonderful people."

Bonham city leaders say the city is growing and with plans to build two new hotels later this year they're planning for an economic boom.
But as the President and Congress struggle to end the government shutdown. Some local business owners say they're feeling the effects in their cash drawers.

Jim Parrack, " it's been pretty slow the past two weeks."

Terri Parrack " I've noticed that people that usually come and spend money are now just looking, they're kind of thinking about it and not spending."

During the shutdown, billions of dollars in small business loans are being put on hold, new loan applications are not being processed and the Federal Trade Commission is closed.

But one Bonham business owner says it's basic principles that make a business successful and the government can't take those away.

Johni Warren owns a barbershop in Bonham and has some advice,
" save your money..and don't rely on the government..if you don't have money to start a business..don't start it."

Through this recent government chaos, Jim Parrack still remains hopeful for the future of his business, " we just think we just have to go on and were gonna make the best of it and do what we can do to serve our customers and we'll make it through."