Bonham teen pleads guilty to aggravated kidnapping

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(FANNIN COUNTY, TEXAS) -- A Bonham teen entered a guilty plea Thursday to aggravated kidnapping. Prosecutors say she was there when her boyfriend assaulted and raped another woman and she did nothing to stop the crime.

18-year-old Shelbi Lane Titsworth pleaded guilty to a felony charge of aggravated kidnapping Thursday.

Authorities say she admitted to standing by as her boyfriend, 37-year-old Calvin Webb, assaulted and raped another woman in June.

Titsworth, Webb, and the victim spent the day hanging out and swimming at Carpenter's Bluff. After they went to J.C'S Whiskey bar in Bonham after that they went to Titsworth's Bonham apartment where they planned to change out of their swimsuits and head back out..but that's not what happened.

Prosecutors say Titsworth did nothing to stop Webb from hitting the victim repeatedly, knocking her to the ground. They say she admitted restraining the woman's hands before Webb raped her, " he continued to hit her and physically assault her, he also demanded that she verbally consent and tell him that she wanted to have intercourse with him..he threatened to kill her by breaking her neck if she did not cooperate."

Titsworth originally faced an additional charge of aggravated sexual assault, but that charge was dropped since she did not physically participate in the sexual assault.

District Attorney Richard Glaser says although the maximum sentence for aggravated kidnapping is life in prison, Titsworth received 118 days in jail and 10 years of probation because she's only 18 and has no criminal record.

Richard Glaser, " Judge Blake is extremely conscious and considerate of people who have made a mistake and try to get them on the right track."

Titsworth was released from jail Thursday because she already served the required 118 days while waiting for her plea hearing.

Titsworth's defense lawyer agrees with the sentence, " well I think it was a just outcome based on the facts of the case as they unfolded."

Titsworth is expected to be a state witness when Webb stands trial for aggravated kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault in March.

Titsworth is also required to pay a $2,500 fine.