Bonham warns of fraudulent city checks

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BONHAM, TX -- Across the country, someone is trying to cash checks from the city of Bonham. The only problem is, the city has not written them.

Three checks from the City of Bonham have made their way to Tennessee and Pennsylvania. But, according to the City Manager, Bill Shipp, they are fraudulent.

"It showed a City of Bonham check, it showed one of our account numbers. But not one of our checks," said Shipp.

The City of Bonham was first made aware of the fraudulent checks making their way around the country earlier this week.

Shipp credits tellers' awareness for catching the crime.

"The tellers were alert enough to realize there was something suspicious about it. They called us and we verified it to them it was not one of our checks," said Shipp.

Each check was written for around $3,000. But Shipp says, whenever the suspect was questioned about the origin of the check, they took off.

One of the checks was a fake, but had a real account number for the City. Another was one of Bonham's real checks, with a signature from a designated signee. But there were flaws that pointed to fraud.

"While it does give our address, it gives our old address at the old City Hall -- and has a Houston area code. Little things like that," said Shipp.

Bonham Police Chief, Mike Bankston, says there is a suspect in Pennsylvania, but they are still investigating the case.

He released this statement:

"We have assigned a detective to this case and are investigating it thoroughly. We are coordinating with local officers to determine who is behind this act."

Shipp says if you see any check that might be fraudulent., call the city at (903) 583-7555.

"Get all the information you can - try to stall the person call the police. so we can catch one," said Shipp.

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