Bryan Co. early voters hit the polls

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BRYAN COUNTY, OKLAHOMA -- Oklahoma early voters have been hitting the polls since Friday.

In Bryan County, at their peak early voter turnout, people say the line reached a two-hour wait.

"It doesn't matter how long you have to wait, most important thing is you vote because if we don't vote, we don't have a say," voter Helen Mcdonough said.

"I wanted to be sure that I got to vote and it will be really busy tomorrow, I know, as it has been for the last three days here," voter Joyce Morrison said.

Monday, on Oklahoma's last day to early vote, the wait time went down, but it was still about one hour.

"Even though I'm sick, I had to get out and do this," voter Elizabeth Porter said.

"A lot of people can't do that, they don't have that privilege, and I'm very thankful for it," Morrison said.

Some of the hot contests for Bryan County include the sheriff's race between Undersheriff Ken Golden and Durant Police Reserve Captain John Wyatt.

Another is the race for Oklahoma House of Representatives District 21 between Durant Mayor Jerry Tomlinson and incumbent Dustin Roberts.

Those who have already waited in the long lines to cast their ballot have a message for people hitting the polls tomorrow.

"I don't care which day you do it: just vote!" Mcdonough said.

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