Bryan Co. woman gets money back from con artist

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COLBERT, OKLAHOMA -- 79 year-old Mildred Dinges of Colbert was in shock this morning, opening her home to three people, who she says have restored her faith in humanity.

"This money was very important to Mrs. Dinges and so it became important to us as well," Bryan County District Attorney's Office investigator David Cathey said.

"I just didn't think I'd ever see this money again," Dinges said.

Investigators say Glenn Woods conned Dinges out of her life savings back in July.

They say he wrote her a bogus check for nearly $34,000 in exchange for her late husband's coin collection.

"I've been praying for Mr. Woods and that the conviction of his heart would turn him around," Dinges said.

Two district attorney's office investigators and a sheriff's deputy did help turn Woods around, convincing him to return the money.

"This is good news and we're glad to be able to come out this morning," Cathey said.

Through all of this, Dinges says she never lost hope that her money would be returned.

"I kept telling my kids, I'm not giving up... Yes, I have it and I still can't hardly believe it," Dinges said.

Cathey says Woods is off the hook now in Bryan County.

This spring in Dallas County, Woods pleaded guilty to theft over $100,000. He's currently out on bond.

And as for what Dinges is doing with the money, she's saving it to eventually move into a new home.

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