Bryan County unveils new courthouse annex

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Bryan County celebrated the official opening of the new courthouse annex building Thursday.

But County officials were most thankful to the community for its involvement.

"The project could not have been done without the donation not only of labor, but the donation of much of the equipment," said Commissioner Monty Montgomery

Montgomery said volunteers worked tirelessly to renovate the building.

"Because without that, it could not have happened," he said.

After deciding to move some of the offices out of the courthouse, the County wanted to keep them downtown.

But for a while, they didn't have a place to put them. Until Robert L. Williams donated the old library building.

Chairman Jay Perry said the annex provides more room to the offices.

"We have a very, very nice facility, in a time when a lot of county governments are struggling for money," he said.

Montgomery said the new building will be more efficient and convenient for people.

"It's a much more pleasant atmosphere, it's a new appearance. The old county courthouse, even though it serves a useful purpose, was built in 1917," he said.

He said the project is a product of teamwork.

"A prime example of what can be accomplished with city leaders and county leaders working together along with members of the entire community," he said.

The annex houses the treasurer's office, tax assessor's office, county clerk and the county commissioner's secretary.

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