Bryan County to install new security system in gov. buildings

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- A new security system is about to be up and running in county and city buildings.

The Bryan County courthouse currently has little to no security in place. And that makes a lot of workers nervous in the wake of recent national events.

David Cathey, special investigator with the District Attorney's office, said they're installing the new security system in the courthouse, courthouse annex, district attorney's office and city hall.

"It's a panic alarm system, and we hope that it will give the people that work in these buildings some piece of mind," he said. "We found that there was a need to cover four public buildings in walking distance of where we are"

He said the system will be a series of panic buttons.

"And it will shortcut the time and response time of law enforcement," he said.

Cathey said they started looking at a new system after the murders of two Kaufman County Texas prosecutors.

"Two high profile public officials murdered, and one of their spouses, it can't help but cause people concern," he said.

Cathey said the city, county and state worked closely together to get this done.

"And they shared the cost of one system, that effectively serves a lot of people," he said.

County Commissioner Monty Montgomery said the system costs around $13,000. All the offices it covers will split the cost.

Cathey said they plan to have it up and running by the end of the month.

Montgomery said they've hired a full time security guard at the court house.

He said they hope to add a second guard in the next fiscal year.

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