Bryan County Emergency Management office relocating

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DURANT,OK -- The Bryan County Emergency Management office is upgrading their Headquaters.

It's potentially deadly weather like this that the Bryan County emergency management office is preparing for.

Tuesday night the Durant city council approved accepting a one million dollar grant from the Department of Homeland Security to begin construction on a new emergency operating center that will help them better respond in dangerous situations.

"It's phenomenal, we feel very fortunate." said Dalton.

Bryan County emergency management director James Dalton says the space they share with the Durant fire department at their current location off enterprise drive is only 700 square feet; the new building will be around 10,000 square feet.

"It will allow us to be a regional center, not just city and county." said Dalton.

Which means if there is a natural disaster government officials and agencies from across the state can travel to the new facility and safely monitor the situation.

Deputy director Kenneth Eppler says their new facility and equipment will be crucial in dangerous situations.

"In the event of a large scale have responders coming in from all areas, and they don't always have compatible radio systems." said Eppler.

The new facility will be built right next the airport..

"We're in close proximity to the airport, and it'll just make things easier." said Dalton.

The facility they are in now has an underground shelter but if there is a tornado they would not be able to operate and seek shelter at the same time.

The new building will be built of concrete and steel and safe during any type of severe weather.

Dalton says, as an emergency communication agency, their number one goal is to communicate with the public and this new facility will help them do that.

"You don't need to be worried about your personal safety or anything like that, you've got to worry about getting that information to your public." said Dalton.

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