Bryan County focusing on fixing old county roads

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BRYAN COUNTY,OK -- County Commissioners are renovating some old county roads that are in need of repair.

Two separate road projects, totaling more than 4 million dollars, are in the works in Bryan County.

Construction on Sawmill Road in Durant is underway and Roberts Street in Bokchito is almost complete.

"There wasn't anything left of it but potholes and gravel," said Bokchito Public Works Director Wayne Minyard.

Winyard says residents who live on the street have wanted something done for over a decade, but nothing was getting done. It was a dirt road for several months, but Wednesday, cars were driving down the newly paved stretch.

"It's one of the longest; it is the longest street in town and it was one of the worst streets that we had," said Minyard.

"A lot of hard decisions have to be made, and it involves everybody in the process," said Perry.

Bryan County district two Commissioner Jay Perry helped orchestrate both road projects. He says the Bureau of Indian Affairs chose the roads they wanted fixed and gave Commissioners money, so Perry says they're doing what they can with those funds.

"We're trying to do more with the roads, simply because, we don't have the money ourselves to develop them," said Perry.

Perry says almost 25 residential homes are on Roberts Street.

Residents we talked to Wednesday say they're happy they no longer have to drive on gravel.

"Its a benefit to Bokchito. It's a benefit to Bryan County, and all the local residents," said Perry.

Perry says the Sawmill Road project will connect highway 70 to the town of Armstrong.

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