Bryan County free fair kicks off

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DURANT, OK -- Bryan County is hosting its annual Free fair this week.

Bryan County's Free fair opened Wednesday.

And the people involved couldn't be more excited.

"It's the people that you meet, the community. And I have watched kids grow up. There were some here today that came in and they bring a lot of artwork in and they're 14 now. When they started coming in they were like 5, you know, and its just so neat to see these kids grow up," said Jolene Reid, Superintendent of open class.

"The fair is a lot of fun and it is a tradition in our county and we have to maintain this tradition," said Pat Accountius.

While most entrants are kids, it doesn't mean that you can't enter if you are really proud of something you've made.

Pat Accountius chose to enter 2 different items this year in the Bryan County Fair.

She's done it before, but its been several years.

"you never know and it's always fun because when you enter something you always have to go around and look and see what everyone else has done. And then theres always that you know did I do it well enough? Have I prepared it well enough. So yeah it's a lot of fun," said Accountius.

The fair offers entertainment for all, with exhibits opening at 9 a.m. And several shows throughout the week. Like a horse show and beef show.

But its not just about the prizes that this fair is about...

"You know these animals, they don't feed themselves and they don't water themselves. So it takes responsibility to get that done. But you know we're trying to teach these kids responsibility and how do we keep agriculture going," said Robert Bourne, Ag Extension Educator in Bryan County.

The fair runs through Saturday night at the fair grounds in Durant, and is free to all.

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