Bryan County neighborhood outraged after family dog is shot

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- A neighborhood is scared for their pets after one family's dog was shot this weekend. Neighbors say it's a situation that has gone on for too long.

Sheanna Swan came home to a gruesome scene Saturday.

"When I looked down, my dog's blood was everywhere. It was all over the porch, all over the road," Swan said.

Someone shot her dog Sam in the foot, she said.

"And she had shrapnel all over her arm, all over her stomach, and it was a hole through and through," she said.

Joey Tucker, with the Bryan County Sheriff's office, is investigating the incident.

"One neighbor did hear a gunshot, but she did not see anyone actually, physically shoot," Tucker said.

While no one actually saw the incident, Swan said she has her suspicions as to who did it.

Tucker said that's still under investigation.

"We did have a suspect. I interviewed him. And that subject claimed he didn't shoot the dog," he said.

Swan said this isn't the first time a dog has been shot in her neighborhood. She believes the same person is behind it.

"I'll call PETA. I'll do whatever I need to do to get this to stop. Because this is a small town. And this don't happen in a small town," she said.

Sam recovered from the shooting, but they're still having to care for the wound.

"She's lucky. She's very lucky," Swan said.

Tucker expects to have the full report finished this week. He said they'll then decide how they want to proceed.