Building transformed into new Sherman rec center

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- The old Girls Inc. building has been transformed into a 7,500 square foot rec center for the city of Sherman.

"The council approved a capital improvement project for that location for $200,000, so we did a remodel over this last year," Parks and Rec Director Kevin Winkler said.

Winkler says the city's first public rec center -- called the Taylor Street Complex -- will host basketball and volleyball games and other sporting events that get rained out. It will also host clinics, camps and family nights.

"We will be able to offer things that Parks and Rec has never been able to offer in the past," Winkler said.

"I think it'd be cool, yeah, it sounds great to me," Sherman parent Angie Lowe said.

Lowe says she's excited her kids will have a new place to go a little closer to home.

"There's nothing on this side of town, you know, sports wise for the kids to go and do. Everything is over on the other side of town, you know, the boys club, where all the baseball fields are," Lowe said.

This new facility is also a solution for Parks and Rec. Winkler says they've outgrown their existing space.

"Our last rec night that we had saw over 150 kids and at this facility, we really can't handle, it's not safe to have that many kids in such a small area, so that's an area we could overflow to," Winkler said.

Winkler says they're waiting on upcoming city budget meetings before they'll move forward with hiring someone to manage the complex.

He says once they get that person in place, they'll set an official opening date and schedule.

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