Burglars Steal From Family Who Just Lost Home to Fire

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"it's been a pretty big blow, you know...they kicked me while I was down" (Bob)

Ardmore resident Bob Caldwell says, as if losing his family's home and most of their possessions to a fire wasn't enough,
now they're trying to catch the burglars who are taking the few things that are left on their property off Stanley Road.

"This just gave the thieves easy access to everything that's back there and they just have basically stole us blind." (Bob)

"You could see the tracks where they parked in the yard. They carried a big table out with chairs. I believe there were 8 chairs and they had to have been here for a while because they were carrying things out and filling the truck up."

Bob's wife, Connie Caldwell, says they also stole a barbecue grill and camping equipment among other belongings and keepsake that the couple had left there, until they can rebuild.

"When we noticed that they were coming in our backyard, stealing things, we put signs up that said 'stop stealing our stuff' and it was mainly just so the neighbors would, you know, maybe see something and call us."

The Caldwell's also set up a camera in one of the trees, and that footage could help them catch the criminals, Ardmore police used to identify at least one of the suspects, who they are currently looking for.

"Even though the property has been damaged extensively and people may mistakenly think that the property has been abandoned, you still don't have permission to take property that doesn't belong to you. Taking that property is a crime and in this case it's a felony crime."

Sergeant, Ryan Hunnicutt, says police believe the burglars have stolen from the Caldwell's property at least twice since it burned down last month.

"We've always felt safe you know but I think they just saw the opportunity to come in and just take."

"I really would like for them to catch them. You know, I probably won't ever get it back but I think they need to pay some dues."

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