Burglary of Denison pawn shop

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DENISON, TX -- Approximately 30 stolen guns are in the hands of thieves who hit up a Texoma pawn shop overnight.

Denison Police say they got the call of a break in at J&S Pawn Shop at around 7 Thursday morning. When they got there they found a hole in the wall and thousands of dollars in guns and jewelry missing.

The burglars broke into J and S Pawn Shop between 5 and 6:45 Thursday morning. Squeezing in through a hole in a brick wall at the back of the shop, then pulling the electric meter box to cut power.

Denison Police Lieutenant Mike Eppler says they're making this investigation a priority. Because having more than 30 guns out on the streets of Texoma has the potential to be dangerous.

"Having the serial numbers and the make and model is also very important and we can get those into the national databases," said Lieutenant Eppler.

Police believe there may be more than one person is behind the heist, and possibly other crimes in the area with similar M.O.'s.

Sherman Police say they worked several break-ins this past weekend. 4 different stores had their electric meter boxes pulled within a few hours of each other.

"We did get some information that possibly in other cities there have been similar type burglaries, so we're certainly looking into information they may have to help us," said Lieutenant Eppler.

More than $20,000 worth of items were stolen. But J&S owner, Jason Basserman wants his customers to know that they're taking care of it and their customers will be notified.

"Whatever they had in here is fully insured and whatever, whatever needs to be done, we'll take care of it," said Basserman.

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