Bystanders help stabbing victim

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DENISON, TX-Bystanders rushed to the aid of a Denison woman who was stabbed during an altercation Monday afternoon.
The names of both people involved in the stabbing have been released. Denison police say 64-year-old James Livingston of Sherman allegedly stabbed 31-year-old Sarra Armstrong of Denison. Investigators said bystanders got involved in the incident trying to protect Armstrong from further injuries.
It was a typical Monday afternoon for John Polonchak until someone ran into his automotive store saying a woman had just been stabbed.

"I had a concealed carry permit so I grabbed my weapon, ran down the road, saw a man down the street waving a bowie knife around chasing people," he said.

Polonchak, along with several bystanders rushed to the woman's aid and worked to disarm the man.

"I kicked the knife out of his hand, kicked him in the face, pinned him to the ground and some other people helped me hold him there til the cops got there," he said.

"Upon arrival, Denison Fire began working on a 32-year-old female victim, who was subsequently treated and transported by Air Evac helicopter to Parkland Hospital in Dallas."

Denison police Sgt. Paul Neumann said at around 12:30 Monday afternoon, the woman and the alleged suspect were traveling down Loy Lake road when she got stabbed.

"We believe an altercation occurred when the victim was stabbed more than one time, she exited the vehicle and that drew the attention of bystanders who did get involved," he said.

Neumann said what bystanders did was very risky, especially because the suspect was armed. But Polonchak said he wasn't worried.

"Not really, I could tell he has a bad leg and couldn't move very well so I wasn't scared for me. I was more concerned about the woman he had stabbed," said Polonchak.

"we normally don't recommend that someone gets involved with something with a weapon, I do not know the potential self defense training the subject has. But they were able to relieve the suspect of the knife," said Neumann.

"I just did what anybody else would've done," said Polonchak.

Sgt. Neumann said Armstrong had to go through surgery and is now in stable condition.
He said Livingston is in the Grayson County Jail for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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