Caddo School bond

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CADDO, OK -- One Texoma school district is trying to get their $700,000 bond passed next week.

Nicolette Schleisman talked to the Caddo Superintendent Thursday about why it is so important for residents to pass their bond this year.

There are only 2 questions on the Caddo school bond set for next week. One to build a library for the elementary school for $400,000. The other to build a classroom and rest rooms for the high school for $300,000.

But, Caddo Superintendent, Richard Thomas, says a partnership will yield much more.

"If the community could help us with the bond issue then we're going to use our money to partner with their money to make a really great situation for our students," said Thomas.

If voters pass either proposition, it will be implemented separately. But, if they pass both propositions, the Caddo Public School District will also provide a computer lab, a science lab, and security systems for both the elementary and high school buildings.

"School security is a big issue. and if we can put security systems and camera systems in, that makes more of a deterrent," said Thomas.

James Wright lives in Caddo, and even though his grandchildren already graduated from Caddo High School, it isn't stopping him from encouraging fellow citizens to be informed on this bond proposal.

"The kids need more room. We don't have any place to put them so our choice is get bigger or just sit back and wilt like a lot of little schools have had to do," said Wright.

Last year, Caddo proposed the same bond issue for elections, it missed passing by just five votes.

Thomas says if this year's propositions pass, taxes would increase 80 cents a month for each $100 in taxes paid, which Wright says is worth it.

"That's going to be a very minimum thing. And what we want to do is just see these kids have a better opportunity," said Wright.

There will be a Town Hall Meeting Monday in Caddo about the bond.

Voting for the bond election is Tuesday.

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