Calera police search for woman accused of abandoning puppies

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CALERA, OK -- Police say around 11:30 Friday morning a woman dropped a box of four puppies outside of the Jack Stockdon Building on Donnell Drive.

After leaving the dogs Police say she rushed back to her car and drove off nearly hitting the puppies.

The woman is wanted on four counts of abandonment of a domesticated animal.

Animal Control Officer Linda Eaton says there are safe places you can take unwanted animals.

Eaton said, "You can go to your local shelter, or even to a vet, you can put them on Facebook. Everybody uses social networking now. So take a picture of them put them on Facebook show that you have them up, and you'll be surprised how many people want a little dog or a little cat."

Officers say the puppies have been taken to Ferguson Animal Health in Calera to be cared for and will soon be up for adoption.

If you know the woman in this video you're asked to call the Calera Police Department.