Calera seeks disaster aid from state

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CALERA, OK -- The town of Calera is still feeling the effects of that storm that blew through last month. They did not qualify for federal aid and now they are trying to figure out how to pay for the cleanup.

They are still in the process of cutting down damaged trees and hauling off limbs.

Calera emergency manager, Butch Scalf, said the town has already hauled off more than 800 tons of debris from that storm.

Calera did not qualify for FEMA relief aid, but Scalf said they have requested aid from the state. He said the town has incurred an estimated $120,000 in expenses from the storm.

"That's the amount that we've come up with at this point. We're still collecting data because we're not finished, but that's what we're requesting and whether it takes place or not is to be seen," Scalf said.

Scalf said he expects it to take weeks before they hear back from the governor.

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