Callisburg ISD bus driver speaks out about crash

COOKE COUNTY, TX -- Texas troopers say they expect a charge of intoxicated assault to be filed soon against a 17-year-veteran Callisburg ISD bus driver for a crash last Thursday. News 12 spoke with the bus driver, James Floyd, and brings us his side of the story.

83-year-old James Floyd did not want to speak on camera, but tells us he remembers Thursday's crash on County Road 219. He says he was not intoxicated at the time and was alert when the accident happened.

Floyd explains that CR 219 is narrow and says he was moving over to make room for another vehicle when the bus's right wheels fell off into a ditch. He says when he was pulling the bus back onto the roadway when the bus's tail end hit a tree.

Texas DPS says the accident sent five students to the hospital with non-life threatening injures and caused major damage to the rear end of the bus. Word of the accident spread fast shocking many Callisburg parents.

"I was glad my kids weren't on that bus and hoped to God that those kids were okay because I had seen pictures of the bus," Alison White said.

"My kids ride another bus, so at first I was a little worried for the safety of my own children, and then whenever I (saw) the pictures and stuff on Facebook of the bus of course my heart went out to those who were on there," Christi Gilbert said.

Floyd says he also went to the hospital after the accident. Troopers say his medical records revealed he was intoxicated at the time of the crash. DPS says the case will be handed over to the district attorney's office when the accident report is approved by a supervisor.