Cameras being installed around Gainesville

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- In November, the city of Gainesville approved the installation of hundreds of cameras around town in an effort to help keep residents safe.

Now, the first of those cameras are going up.

Mayor Jim Goldsworthy says the 200 cameras will be put on city owned property and school buildings to help prevent crime.

"It's gonna be covering public thoroughfares," Goldsworthy said. "Let me be clear, this is not big brother watching. It's just an aid to law enforcement to just make sure we have the safest community possible."

Goldsworthy says over the last month, the city installed the first 20 cameras around Fairview Cemetery and in some areas downtown . He says they'll allow officers to watch multiple areas at once.

"In the patrol units, when they're at a hot spot, .they can pull up any of the areas in town and access the line of sight in that camera," Goldsworthy said. "So say they're on one side of town and they want to look at a park that's half a mile away, in their car they key into their computer and look and see whats going on in the park."

He says they hope to have all cameras installed in the next 3 months and hope the result will be a safer community.

"I think it's a good idea to have extra cameras around here," said resident, Christine Darr. "It's not a high crime area but if there was a crime it would be easily seen, you know?"

"As long as they're not putting them in your backyard or your bathroom, then I have no qualms with it," said resident, Terry Hall. "We have a lot going on so with that said, I think its a great idea and it would be a good deterrent."

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