Care and Share Program helps area food pantries

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SHERMAN, TX-With Grayson County food pantries running short on supplies this summer, a national organization steps up to help feed those in need.
It's the first time Modern Woodmen's "Care and Share Program" was held in Grayson county, providing food assistance to area agencies and individuals in need. Recipients tell us just how much it will help.
Key Care Mission's Monica DeLesley said it's been rough for the food pantry during the summer seeing more than 200 families who need assistance, every week.

"We are extremely low at this point. Unfortunately, there have been more families that have not been able to have enough food for themselves and their children," she said.

But, DeLesley got the help she needs to help others thanks to a local business. Matt Finke with Modern Woodmen took her grocery shopping.

"We have the Care and Share Program where we get to give away $250 to either an organization in need or a family in need," Finke said.

"For the sake of God, Matt has stepped in to provide at least something for the coming weeks for the families that come through our doors," said DeLesley.

Key Care Mission and the Grayson County Shelter have been selected as recipients of the program. DeLesley and Finke shopped for canned goods, pasta, cereal and snacks to be distributed between the two agencies.
DeLesley said she's thankful for the donations which will help them feed more families.

"Feeling very grateful and I hope that recipients of these products are just grateful because we have people in the community that will open up their hearts and their wallets to provide needs for our community," she said.

"I'm just glad Modern Woodmen is able to let me do this. The food banks themselves do most of the work and I'm just here to help out and just be a little part of what they do. I'm just happy to be here," Finke said.

"Anything that will help feed Sherman or Grayson county itself is more than welcome," said DeLesley.

Finke said they are hoping to do the Care and Share Program four times a year.
If you know of any families or agencies in need of food assistance, you can apply for the Care and Share Program by contacting Modern Woodmen:

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