Carter County health leaders begin new photomapping project

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"What are the pros? what are the cons? What direction should we go in with helping our community be a healthier place to live?"

Amy Hanus with Full Plate Living"says "photomapping" is what they're calling a pilot program getting started in Carter County.

"We're working in conjuction with OSU to help see kind of visually how our community is. You know, what nutrition things do we have that are positive as well as things that we have that we may need working on," said Hanus.

Hanus says a group of eleven residents took pictures around the city over a two week period.

"Once we kind of pick our pictures that we really feel passionate about, we can work with OSU, they're going to put together some information that gives us data that we can take to the city, take to other organizations," said Hanus.

"There are some pictures of some grocery stores around and where they could have a little bit better quality of produce or maybe some more healthier options available," said Kristi Combes with the Carter County health department.

Hanus says, "Several people have taken pictures of our restaurants. Some that do show the calories of certain foods and others that don't."

Combes says they also took pictures of places that could prohibit someone from being physically active.

"Broken sidewalks or, you know, they have grass all over them and people aren't able to walk down the sidewalk and they have to walk on the street. So we have a lot of pictures of that," said Combes.

Combes says residents are invited to a symposium where a selection of the photos will be presented on September 17th at the Ardmore convention center.

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