Report shows Carter County has third highest crime rate per 1,000

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CARTER COUNTY, OK - The numbers from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation are in: the 2012 Uniform Crime Report shows that Carter County has the third highest crime rate per 1,000 people out of 77 Oklahoma counties.

With crimes like the string of shootings Henry Jackson is suspected of committing in February before being shot and killed by Ardmore officers it didn't come as a surprise to some residents.

"Not really," said carter county resident Michael Humdy. "I think it's more contingent upon the economic factors as well as potential chances for employment."

Others said they were shocked.

"Living here in Ardmore I felt really safe," said Jonetta Blakely, who also lives in the county. "I've lived here just about all my life and it's a good community to live in."

The report ranks Oklahoma County as number one for crime, Comanche County at number two then Carter as third.

Carter County had 48.36 crimes per 1,000 people in 2012, up from 46.62 in 2011 and 44.77 in 2010.

But OSBI said sometimes these numbers can be deceiving.

"When you look at things, different demographics like that you really can't get an accurate comparison by just looking at the crime stats in the crime rate per one thousand," said Rodney Eaton, OSBI crime reporting field services supervisor.

Ardmore, Wilson, Healdton and Lone Grove police departments and the Carter County Sheriff's Office all submitted data on murder, rape, robbery, felonious assault, breaking and entering, larceny and motor vehicle theft. While Ardmore had two murders, Wilson, Healdton and Lone Grove had none. But these three towns did report assault and larceny.

But the stats don't bother many residents, who said protecting yourself is all about being aware and proactive.

"I love this town and I think we're growing and getting better and better every day," said Blakely.