Carter County ranks 3 in the state for most WNV cases

West Nile Virus
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ARDMORE, OK--Carter county is among the top three counties in the state of Oklahoma with the highest number of west Nile virus cases.

There have been 5 cases in the past month in carter county alone, the ages range from 30 to 81. Heath experts say adults over the age of 50 are at greatest risk of severe neurological illness and even death.

Georgia Maytubby said she is concerned about the increases in the west nile virus in Carter county. She spends a lot of time walking outside and has recently been bit by a mosquito.

"I got bit on my arm, I have been trying to get it healed it is a slow progress but I hope it heals up and I hope they get this west nile thing under control said Maytubby.

The city of Ardmore has been spraying for mosquitoes since April and officials said they will continue to spray until the city gets a hard freeze, but they said people still need to take extra precautions during these summer months.

"It's public safety and we do all we can but that's not enough, a lot of it depends on the residence, you know they old saying don't go out before dusk or dawn, and if you do, be sure to spray with deet" said Don Olive.

Christi Inselman with the carter county health department says there is a dramatic increase in the west nile virus across the state. This year there are 31 cases confirmed in Oklahoma. she said the health department will soon be conducting an investigation.

"We will call the people and talk with them to find a common source as to where they may be coming in contact with them, we do know that the number that we have this year are more than what we've had over the past four years combined" said Inselman.

Heath experts said to wear long sleeves if you can, use insect repellent, and limit the number of places around your home that hold water where mosquitoes can breed. LS

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