Carter county commissioner seat election sees democratic primary

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The District One Carter County Commissioner seat has been open since January. Now Bill Main and Joe David McReynolds aim to fill that position.

McReynolds is a lifelong resident of Ardmore, whose father was a commissioner. He said he brings experience to Carter County roads with his sand and gravel business.

"Before I even drove a car I could operate equipment," said McReynolds. "And I've built a lot of driveways and roads out in the county."

Main has lived in Ardmore for 17 years. Based on his work in the funeral business, Main said he knows how to relate to the public.

"And deal with people and talk to people," Main said. "And help them solve problems and find a solution to whatever their concerns are in the district."

Both candidates say the county's biggest concern is the roads. As they've dialed phones and knocked on doors, the voters tell them they need better maintenance. Each candidate has their own ideas on how to fix the problem.

"It's just a matter of having a plan, following that plan, and getting the money through our existing budget as well as other resources," said Main.

"Everybody wants a quick fix, but there's not going to be a quick fix. It's gonna take time," said McReynolds.

While neither Main nor Mcreynolds have held public office before they're asking for your vote this Tuesday, April 2nd in the primary.