Cartwright community working on incorporating town

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CARTWRIGHT,OK -- Community members are working to incorporate town to help fix roads, clean up the streets and hire law enforcement.

Residents like Paul Taylor are upset about the idea of Cartwright becoming an incorporated town.

"We don't need the incorporation, we pay enough taxes as it is," said Taylor.

A letter was sent to residents by the Cartwright Community Association, explaining what incorporation would entail

It states that there would need to be a 3% sales tax approved by voters to cover town operating costs, but it would not increase property taxes.

The association says incorporation would also allow them to receive funds from the state and federal government as well as grants.

John kessler is the vice president of the Cartwright Community Association.

"We're not a town, we cant control what we need to take care of," said Kessler.

Kessler says there's a negative perception of Cartwright and incorporation could fix that by creating a governing body, elected by voters and possibly in the future, their own law enforcement.

"We have no police locally. We've got problems with drugs; we've got problems with dogs running loose," said Kessler.

Kessler says they need 240 signatures by the end of August to get the measure on the November ballot and he believes, that while there's some resistance, they will get the number they need.

"This is the one community around here that doesn't have control of its future," said Kessler.

This isn't the first time the issue of incorporation has come up. Taylor says it failed a few years ago. He says he was against it then and he's against it now.

"It's going to happen, there's no use rushing it, but then when it does happen, in the future, it'll be done right, it won't be cowboyed in like they're trying to do now," said Taylor

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