Cartwright family loses everything in house fire

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CARTWRIGHT, OK-A Cartwright family barely made it out of their burning home Friday morning and they said everything they own was gone.

You could see the smoke from that fire all the way from Denison. The family told us they were actually inside the home when the fire broke out. They said even though they've lost everything, they're lucky to be alive.

Lacey Manley woke up Friday morning and was terrified to see her home in flames.

"I ran out and I started running out. I came through the backyard, came right here and turned these water hoses on, went back into the backyard and tried to put it out but it wouldn't go out. So I just soaked my grandma's yard as best as I could," she said.

Manley's grandmother, Edith Huff, lives next door. She saw the fire and called 911.

"I was one scared person because I thought my son in law's still in there, I was so afraid. Marvin right back here and I thought he was out over there but he wasn't, I just thank Jesus for everyone being safe," she said.

Cartwright Assistant Fire Chief, David Bray said the fire started around 11:45 Friday morning in the house on the corner of Vernon road and Oak street.

"Upon arrival the structure behind us was fully engulfed, we extinguished the fire and done some basic cause determination," he said.

Bray said the cause of this fire is electrical, where an outdoor extension cord overloaded and shorted out.

"Watch how many electrical cords you got plugged into your outlets. If you have 5,6,7 electrical cords plugged into one outlet, it creates a problem. You can end up overloading the circuit and have problems like you have today with your house on fire," he said.

Manley said they're lucky to have family to stay with and they're planning to rebuild.

"We're just gonna have to do what we can and come back up somehow, it's all we can do. God was with us and he didn't let nothing happen to us so all we can do is everybody work together and get it back together," she said.

The home was a total loss, but no one was hurt.

Bray also said there were some suspicious fires in that area in the past three months, those are under investigation. Today's fire was accidental.