Manslaughter charges filed in fatal Carter Co. crash

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CARTER COUNTY, OK - On State Highway 76 south of Ratliff City the Oklahoma Highway Patrol said Charles Jackson struck and killed Carol Coker while driving in July.

He's been charged with first degree manslaughter, but Captain Ronnie Hampton said Jackson's already been convicted on the same charge twice before.

"He's still on a parole sentence right now," said Hampton."So now that we've got charges filed here we're going to contact Oklahoma County and make sure they're aware of what's happened."

Hampton said in 1999 Jackson ran a red light in Oklahoma County, hitting a car and killing two women. Jackson was under the influence of alcohol then, but OHP said in this latest case he was under the influence of something else.

"There were medications that were prescribed for anxiety and also muscle relaxers," said Hampton. "Those are the things that we found. Some of the drugs that were in his system, he was not lawfully prescribed those drugs."

Paul Reed, a pharmacist at Reed Family Pharmacy, says more than half of all medications could affect cognitive skills.

"When you take different medications together, two or three or four or more as some people do, they may cause additive impairment," Reed said.

Hampton said Oklahoma County will have to look at the status of Jackson's sentence for the first two manslaughter convictions before that county takes any action.

Jackson is set to appear in Carter County court on Thursday for his initial appearance on this latest charge.

Investigators said Jackson posted a $50,000 bond and was released.