Chickasaw Nation Plans for New Bridge and Trails

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SULPHUR, OK -- The Chickasaw Nation has proposed a plan to make it easier for people to get from the Chickasaw National Recreation Area to downtown Sulphur and the cultural center.

With the town's new Artesian hotel, downtown businesses, the park, and cultural center, the area is becoming a popular destination for tourists. And the Chickasaw Nation is hoping to soon connect all the hot spots to make it easier for people to get around.

"People will actually be able to walk or ride their bicycle from downtown Sulphur all the way over here across the bridge and go over to the cultural center."

Dan Winings, with CNRA, says they would like to build a bridge and a connecting set of trails from the park.

"Giving our visitors more opportunity to visit the area and see what we have to offer here," said Winings.

Sulphur resident, Dustin York, who enjoys fishing at Rockcreek, where the bridge would be built, says he likes the idea.

"I come down here to fish a lot, so, anything to make it easier to get down here."

York believes it would also be great for older visitors.

"It would make it easier access for older people and safer," York says.

Winings says although he is hoping it will be approved soon, everything at this point is still preliminary.

"We are just beginning the planning process now. And, I think we're hoping to start construction next summer but that's subject to change."

Resident's are encouraged to voice their thoughts on the current plans by either stopping by the park headquaters or visiting:

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