Chickasaw students wrap up week long space and aviation camp

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ADA, OK -- Designing airplane wings, building rockets, and manuever quadcopters were just a few of the things some Chickasaw students learned at a week long space and aviation camp.

Students come from across the country to attend.

Tres Ring, traveled all the way from Tennessee to take part in the camp, and says the camp is a lot more fun than you expect.

"It's not just a bunch of nerdy kids learning about electrons," said Ring. "It's fun...there's all types of people here. There's lots to do and lots to learn."

Ring and other students learned the basics of aerodynamics and also touched on some math and physics.

Camp Instructor, Steve Paniaghua, says the camp aims to spark interest in the different careers that space and aviation can provide.

"It may not lead them to being a pilot, but there are other supporting careers that they could go into if they don't have the interest in piloting," said Paniaghua.

Paniaghua says the hands-on activities helps make the learning more enjoyable for the students, and 6th year camper, Samantha Postoak, agrees.

"If you're watching a video you could fall asleep or lose focus, but you have to pay attention when we're doing hands on things," Postoak said.

Paniaghua says he hopes campers leave with a new outlook on the school subjects they may not have been interested in before.

"It opens up their eyes to the idea of what science and math can do, and that it can be fun," Paniaghua said.

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