Child advocates honor Child Abuse Prevention & Awareness Month

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- This past year, Grayson County's Children's Advocacy Center saw 500 victims of child abuse and neglect; an astounding number when compared to Collin County, which had 1,000 victims in the past year, but has over six times the population.

"We're living in a very evil society and I don't think you see that any better shape than child abuse," Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum said.

This morning, Judge Bynum and commissioners reminded citizens that April is Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness Month.

Martha Nuckols with the Advocacy Center is putting out blue ribbons, flags and wrist bands.

"Everything is blue because we're emphasizing bruising of children," Nuckols said.

Nuckols says abused children who don't receive treatment often experience lifelong effects of the abuse.

"They're much more likely to use drugs. They're much more likely to drop out of school, have teenage pregnancies," Nuckols said.

A portion of county jury service funds go to child abuse prevention. Victim Services, as well as the Child Welfare Board, also receive some money from the county.

These organizations, as well as the Children's Advocacy Center, do their best to stretch funds to help victims.

"These are first time victims. We provide not only the forensic interviews but the therapy services afterwards," Nuckols said.

And for these advocates, it's also about prevention.

"Sometimes we tend to perhaps live in a bubble almost. It's here in our county. It's prevalent. We just think hopefully that the more people that are aware, maybe we can catch these people before they actually get into the act of abusing a child," Bynum said.

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