Child advocacy center renovates facility

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SHERMAN, TX-The Grayson County Child Advocacy Center moves back into their newly renovated building after nine months of repairs. Victoria Maranan gives us a tour of the facility.
The Grayson County Child Advocacy Center has been in the same building since the 1980s and program coordinator, Bobbi Wieck, said with age came some problems which brought up the need for renovation.

"We had some leaking problems when it rained, all of it has been fixed and we're just very proud of the facility we're in now. We really appreciate everybody that's helped us get to this point," she said.
With over 90-thousand dollars in donations...Wieck says they were able to renovate the entry area to protect their clients and provide more space. She also said the number of kids the advocacy center assists have increased, she says they see more than 80 kids a week.

"A lot of times when we have a busy afternoon with therapy and then we also have a busy afternoon with forensic interviews, we didn't have enough space for people to sit down to wait for their appointment time," she said.

Wieck said they now have four therapy rooms and added a couple more offices, allowing therapists like Evelyn Burgoon to work in private.

"I think that's something that's always an issue, because I think that the therapists will like to have a place where we can get away, we can do our notes and catch up on things and get out of the staff's way too here and other people who are doing their work," she said.

Burgoon said with the play therapy rooms and the new art room, her patients approved the changes.

"Well, I love it, it's great. I mean, the kids come here and they love to explore. They really like the facility, it got a lot of different playrooms," she said.

Wieck said more changes are still on the way, extending the building another 2,000 sq. ft. for more offices and a state-of-the-art forensic interview room.

"We still need space. We're still busting at the seams right now because we've had a dramatic increase in both forensic interviews and providing therapy for the kids we do see," she said.

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