Choctaw County Fair underway

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CHOCTAW COUNTY, OK -- The Choctaw County Fair kicked off yesterday in Hugo and will continue throughout the weekend.

"This is pretty huge, I mean we all remember when we were kids coming to the fair and that's one reason why we keep try to keep it going every year," said fair board member Dr. Stanna Pope. "We want generations to come to be excited about the fair every fall."

Families from all over the county came to the Choctaw Fair Grounds to join in on the festivities. The fair includes a livestock show, a ranch-style rodeo, carnival rides and much more.

Fairgoers say the Choctaw Fair is unlike any other.

"Each year is just a great year and I've enjoyed it so much," said fairgoer Chas Tillman. "All of it combined its just been a wonderful time coming up here each and every year."

"They just have a lot more to offer than other ones that we've been to," said fairgoer Tut Davis. "I'm not trying for it to sound bad for the other counties, but this one has a lot more to offer."

Carnival rides open tonight and the fair will continue through Sunday. Admission is free.

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