Teens to be charged for throwing dog off bridge near Boswell

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CHOCTAW COUNTY, OK -- Two Choctaw County teenagers are expected to face felony animal abuse charges after a horrifying video surfaced on multiple social media sites.

The video, shot Wednesday just outside of the Boswell city limits, appears to show a teen throwing a dog over a concrete bridge.

"It makes you wonder where their heart is, or if they have one," Choctaw County Sheriff Terry Park, said.

Sheriff Park stated, even after more than 15 years with the sheriff's office, he's never seen anything quite like this.

Residents we spoke with also found the video hard to watch. Apryl Mock of Boswell, says it's hard to imagine anyone could be so cruel.

"I was shocked and disgusted, and very angry. I just couldn't believe that it had happened," Mock said.

The 16-year-old boy, who Park says filmed the video, was arrested on animal cruelty charges Friday afternoon. Park says the teen who actually threw the dog over the bridge, was 17 at the time, so after turning himself in and being booked into jail, Friday, he was released back to his parents. Both teens are expected to be formally charged with animal cruelty on Monday.

"I sat there that afternoon and I think I looked at that video 30 times. It's just disgusting that they have no compassion or heart.," Park said.

The video has gone viral, shared by hundreds of people on various social media sites. After watching the dog fall about 30 feet and hit the ground, it's hard to believe the 2-year-old pit bull survived, but she did.

A good Samaritan found the dog the next day, after spending the entire night in the creek bed where she landed. Veterinarian Dr. Dana Harvey is caring for the animal and her serious injuries.

"She was very sore from being thrown, a big laceration on the right side of her chest. Her front left leg is non weight bearing which we took x-rays and radiographs this morning, and it's a dislocated wrist," Dr. Harvey, said.

The veterinarian and her staff have named the dog "Miracle." They say, once she's healed, they look forward to finding her a forever home.