Church celebrates 175 years

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SAVOY, TX -- Tucked away in the woods of Savoy, Texas stands the Virginia Point United Methodist Church, the oldest church in Fannin County and possibly all of North Texas. Today, its members celebrated 175 years.

"My family's been here the whole time the church has been here. It's like coming home every Sunday, driving out here to the wilderness and like going back in time," church member Jeff Youree said.

Jeff Youree has attended Virginia Point United Methodist for 57 years. In fact, his great-great-grandfather donated the land back in the 1800s. Many others have ancestors who were here the moment the church began.

"The first church building that was here was a log building built in the 1830s," Youree said.

That log building was burned down. In 1860, a new church was built, and you guessed it, that same church built more than a century and a half ago is still where services are held every Sunday.

"I feel like because it is so isolated in a small community, every body is so engrained with each other and their families that that's what's held it together for 175 years," pastor Louella Williams said.

Williams says their congregation of 57 is a close knit family.

"If someone's having trouble like a divorce, or financial problems then the church comes in and picks up you know and helps the family," Williams said.

Virginia Point's members cherish the history of their church.

"I hope it carries on but I also hope that in the future, I hope we outgrow this building one day," Youree said.

While it has already made the history books, members say they plan to keep filling the pages with tradition and memories.

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