Citizen threatens Denison city worker

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DENISON, TX -- A Denison man accused of pulling a gun on a city worker, ends up in jail.

Denison police say last Tuesday, a Denison Code Enforcement Officer went to a residence located in the 1000 block of W. Florence Street for a city ordinance violation. That's when things got dangerous.

Police say when the code enforcement officer showed up, 60-year-old Edward Gallett pulled out a shotgun and threatened the city officer to get off of his property.

Gallett is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. No shots were fired.

Denison police arrested him Wednesday, and took him to Grayson County jail.

Neighbors we talked to say that it happened at 1008 W. Florence Street over items in Gallett's yard. They also say that Gallett is prone to being a little wild.

"It's not acceptable at all because it's a direct threat upon someone's life. We take that very seriously and it will be dealt with very very quickly and very harshly," said Lieutenant Eppler with the Denison Police Department.

Gallett is now out on bond. We tried to get a hold of him, but his number is unlisted, and no one answered the door.

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