City council approves pay increase for new Sherman officers with experience

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SHERMAN, TX -- Experienced officers who join Sherman's Police force will now start at a higher salary than years past.

Law enforcement agencies nationwide are finding it more difficult to hire and keep officers and Sherman Police is one of those departments, but the city hopes Monday night's decision will help solve that problem and increase the candidate pool.

Sherman Police Chief Otis Henry says the department is currently down seven officers and two of those, he says, left for higher pay.
Otis says the salary is driving potential applicants away from the field of law enforcement and for what officers have to do on a daily basis they should be paid more.

"Police officers across the nation, we have to deal with very gruesome events and the sad times in people's lives and it takes a very special person who can step in and do that," Henry said.

With a unanimous vote the Sherman City Council increased the salary for newly hired officers with prior experience. The base for experienced officers, hired at Sherman PD, will now range from around $5,000 dollars to $7,500 more. For example, a new certified Sherman officer with two years previous experience will receive an annual salary of about $47,000 dollars instead of the starting salary for an entry level officer, which is about $42,000

Henry and Mayor Cary Wacker say the boost in pay will make the department more competitive.

"This lateral entry program will give us a leg up and help us attract certified officers from around the area," Henry said.

"We want to be a leader in this area and we want to attract the best officers and this will definitely help us," Cary Wacker said.

Henry says the department also hopes to attract certified officers with a new recruitment video currently in production that will showcase the different aspects of being a Police officer in the City of Sherman.

"We have a tremendous agency. It wasn't built by one person. It's built by a team of people over a number of years and I think we hire the right person and they come in the door they see that and feel that," Henry said.

Henry says the salary increase requires a minimum of two years experience and no more than three years experience.

If you are interested in applying to be a Sherman Police officer visit the PD's website. The link is below.