City of Paris gets a new burglar alarm ordinance

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Paris council members approves new burglar alarm ordinance.

City council met Monday night to discuss revamping their burglar alarm ordinance. Police Chief Bob Hundley says his officers respond to around 2,000 alarms a year with about 95% being false, this is putting a strain on the department of between 1,200 and 1,600 man hours a year.

"We're wanting some kind of deterrent out here, to make these folks think a little bit further about the alarms." said Chief Hundley. "We want business' to take take care of turning them on and off, so when the officers get an alarm call they've got a pretty good idea that there might be something to it."

The new ordinance will charge a service fee to anyone having over 12 false alarms in a year and a nuisance claim with the municipal court after 20 false alarms. Responses to alarms with criminal activity and weather would not go against businesses.

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