City of Pottsboro approves Texas Spur 316 speed limit reduction

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POTTSBORO, TX -- Pottsboro residents will now have to slow down when driving down one of the city's main roads.

Tonight, the city council approved TxDOT's request to reduce the speed limit on Spur 316 to 40 miles per hour.

City manager, Kevin Farley, says the northern part of the road near the 289 intersection previously had a speed limit of 55 miles per hour, which led to several accidents.

He says after TxDOT did a study on the road, they decided to reduce the speed limit.

"Hopefully by slowing that traffic down, especially on the northbound traffic, it'll reduce the number of accidents out there, and be a safer roadway," said Farley.

City council passed an ordinance tonight, approving the speed change.

They'll also contact TxDOT to request new signs along the road.

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