Click it or Ticket campaign around the corner

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PARIS, TX - With memorial weekend around the corner, barbeque safety isn't the only thing you have to worry about. State troopers, police officers and sheriff deputies across Texas will be on the lookout for drivers and passengers not buckled up.

Throughout the annual Click it or Ticket campaign, drivers and passengers that don't fasten their seat belts will be fined up to $200.

"If you're wearing a seat belt your chances of serious injury or death are very limited if you have your seat belt on and it's being worn properly." said Paris Police Chief Bob Hundley.

During last year's campaign, Paris police handed out over 120 seat belt citations

"This is an opportunity were it says click it or ticket, that means put your seat belt on or if an officer sees you, you're probable going to get a citation." said Hundley

Extra officers will be out in force during the campaign, which runs May 20th through June second.

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