Coal County Deputy charged in embezzlement investigation

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COAL COUNTY, OK -- A local deputy is on the other side of the law. Monday a warrant was issued for a Coal County Sheriff's Deputy. According to online records, 44-year-old John Rick Flournoy is charged with Obtaining Cash or Merchandise by False Pretenses.

An affidavit states that Flournoy is accused of embezzling more than $1300.00 dollars from the Coal and Atoka County Drug Court. Coal County Sheriff Bryan Jump says he turned the matter over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation when he learned of the allegations.

"Well we took care of it as soon as it came out, and did the best to get it under control as soon as we heard about it we got OSBI on it, put him on leave and let them handle it," Sheriff Jump said.

OSBI says Flournoy allegedly took payment from the drug court for home visits and drug screenings that he never performed. Agents say several people confirmed Flournoy was paid for 134 home visits that were never conducted.

Long-time resident Sam Golden says the news comes as a shock.

"It's kind of a disappointment to the county and everyone who knew him," Golden said.

News 12 spoke with Flournoy's attorney Tim Maxey. He says he has no comment at this time and has advised Flournoy not to speak to the media.

"There's always going to be two sides to it yes, so there will be another side to it," Golden said.

Sheriff Jump says the alleged incidents occurred under the previous administration. Jump says Flournoy has served as a Coal County Deputy for 12 years and before he took office Flournoy served as Chief Deputy.

"Well its sad, you know, seeing it go on because an officer of law is somebody you're supposed to be able to trust and when this happens it gives us all a black eye," Sheriff Jump said.

Sheriff Jump says Flournoy is expected to turn himself in Tuesday.

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